The Valley

The Road North

The party is reunited in Greyholme, but Artur soon vanishes with Pants, mumbling something about seeing the blacksmith about some business. The others catch each other up on the events and encounters of the last few days.

Cop crafts a plan to get word to Kriegar, delivering Brego's letter and warning him from attacking the halflings further. He finds a pair of carters coming into town from Djorakholt and insinuates himself in with them and decides to confront them back at the Braids. The party pressures them using all their various skills that night and the next morning, forcing them to lead the way to Djorakholt.

Balok Callimar buys the party a flask of spiderblood and presents Dougoon's history to him that reveals much that wasn't clear before. While Dougoon was raised by a clan of battleragers, it was not exactly that his family of traders had ventured too far, but rather it was a family coup in which his father's side of the family was slain by his aunt Veltha and her side of the family. Balok tells Dougoon that he spirited him away from the attackers but was unable to get him completely clear before having to turn and fight to win the young Dougoon's escape. Balok lost track of Dougoon at that point, but recognised the description of the hero of the caravan raids and offers to help Dougoon reclaim his heritage in exchange for considerations for the trading concern that he represents. 

The next morning the party follows the carters back toward Djorakholt. Two days into their journey they spot a patrol stop the carters and question them, before splitting into two teams, one goes off to, they suspect report, while the other shadows the party. The next day the party becomes nervous as they spot a large war party heading their way, seemingly led by Kriegar himself. They consider running, but decide instead to try and talk things out.

Kriegar approaches them and things do not go well. He does not seem to care about the message that Brego sent and orders his men to kill the party. Using their wits and magic, the party avoids being turned into arrow cushions and flee. 

Deciding that they need allies to deal with Kriegar and the clockwork threat, they decide to go see Fernougiira. What could go wrong?


I can’t believe that Kriegar. He thinks he’s a law unto himself. I guess Stent was avoiding him for a reason. The question I have though is, Why do the Lords of Waterdeep allow this tyrant to get away with this tyrany? No doubt as long as the money keeps rolling in, they don’t care what happens to a bunch of hayseeds out on the frontier.
I am now certain to not feel an ounce of guilt about burning some of the rancher’s many barns.

The Road North
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