The Valley

The End (Season 1)

 With Cronny having completed his contemplation of the Ballad of the Green Wyrm and Dougoon perfecting his disguise, the party heads north to track down the Cult of the Dragon and enact their plans to have them fight against Kriegar's forces by enacting a deception.

The journey goes well until the party reaches the mountain where Fernourgiira informed them that they could find the cultists. They begin scouting for their quarry, finding the going tough with the footing loose and crumbly. Efforts to boost the party's spirits are loud and cacophonous and efforts to challenge them result only in snickering amongst the party. Cronny's efforts to take command and lead the group end up with them being surrounded by the very ones they were trying to surprise.

A conversation ensues in which the party tries to convince the cultists that Fernourgiira is in danger of plots enacted by Kriegar. While the story is believed, in an effort to confirm, the leader of the cultists Dominates Dougoon and forces him to reveal the deception. This leads to a battle in which Dougoon is forced to attack his comrades.

The battle is a desperate affair, with lightning flashing around, magic resisted through legendary resistances, kobolds gang-tackling Dougoon, Cop fading in and out of the shadows, Artur and Pants tag-teaming enemies, Cronny using his wits and magic to keep himself alive and the rest of the party alive and Artur's sister coming in and lending some much needed support. The battle finally turns when the cult's leader is paralyzed, allowing Dougoon the chance to turn her into a pincushion with kobolds on top. 

After the battle, the party finds a mix of treasures from the cultists and are visited by Fernourgiira who praises them for their success. She is so impressed by them that she says that with Misty's corroboration, believes that the Clockwork Army bears investigation and orders them to do so…


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