The Valley

The Dragon's Lair

Artur is able to wrap up some interesting business with Janessa Flameheart, transferring the magic of Nor's lost collar into a new one for Pants. The two of them travel quickly to catch up with the rest of the party as they regroup after running from Kriegar's soldiers.

The group continues their plan to meet with Fernourgiira and follow the Delimbyr River north. The journey becomes difficult due to the worsening weather conditions with unseasonable cold and sleet striking the nearer they get to the waterfall, behind which is the dragon's lair, according to Misty Meadows. In fact, the sound of the waterfall and the river are their only real guides as they approach. An icy river crossing and the worsening conditions take their toll on the party, particularly Pants who is used to warmer climes, but they manage to reach the bottom of a hidden, but icy stairway that leads to the entrance of the lair. Khinoe's Braids is revealed to them as a spectacular waterfall that falls as a split torrent around a huge spur of rock, continually freezing and thawing as the Delimbyr courses over the split in the land. Cronny flies to the top and waits while Dougoon uses his considerable strength and spikiness to assist the others in the climb and soon they reach a narrow ledge which leads behind the waterfall. 

The party finds themselves in a cave overlooked by the form of a large white dragon. As they prostrate themselves, they hear tinkling, evil laughter and are soon surrounded by ice mephits that form from the icy mists that wreathe the cave. The creatures are quickly dispatched, allowing the party to investigate the motionless dragon. It appears that the white dragon is completely encased in ice and not alive. They do discover a tunnel that leads further into the lair.

Following the ups and downs and twists and turns and the warming air, the party finds an incongruous jungle-like cavern with its own sunlight. The cavern walls run with condensation and water trickling through gaps in the stone and the resultant mud and fecundity have led to an almost impenetrable plant mass. As the rest of the group settles in to have a rest amidst in the tunnel mouth, Cronny transforms into a wren and flys forward to investigate. Flying into the steamy mists, he is attacked and falls in his normal form through the branches and into the clinging mud. Steam and mud mephits swoop to attack. While the party fights to reach him, Cronny uses his considerable magic and flies out of reach of the attackers. The battle quickly ends with the party nursing their wounds and rubbing mud off of their clothes but before they have a chance to truly catch their breath, Fernourgiira emerges from the forest saying, "Welcome to my home."


At first it seemed that the Ice Dragon was just a cunning ruse with an impressive statue and a bunch of mephits. It didn’t really make sense… Misty Meadows tricking us into coming up here to our deaths. The mephits were not too difficult to defeat, the most dangerous aspect was the climb.
Exploring the cave further it appears that another passage leads on further. A cave with a rather pungent smell. It reminded me of my time back in Daggerford under the tutelage of Delfen when I had to clean the glasswear or maybe his alchemical fluids… Aqua-Regia maybe, a corrosive that could dissolve gold. I hope this isn’t a mistake coming up here.

The Dragon's Lair
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