The Valley

The Dragon Patron

Fenourgiira reveals herself to the party and immediately confronts Cop regarding his past. She asks about the book that he acquired from his former master, Delfen. Cop reveals that he has read it and found it interesting as it revealed a vast conspiracy operating in the North. Fenourgiira tells him that he knows too much about her network of agents and tells him that he must become her servant or be eaten. Cop agrees and the dragon imprints her with her magic, creating a bond between them that gives him power, but also giver her power over him.

The party then speaks to Fernourgiira about gaining her assistance in dealing with the threat posed by Kriegar. She tells them that she has no interest as she is happy to eat well from the herds that Kriegar's master is raising and that she has no true understanding of the squabbles of the lesser folk. She does tell them that she will not interfere as long as her food supply in not affected.

When the matter of the clockwork creatures is raised, Fenourgiira is somewhat convinced that steps need to be taken to preserve her interests. She bargains with the party and will provide use of the Fork of Discordant Harmonies in return for the party eliminating a nuisance. She tells them that the Cult of the Dragon has agents in the area that are trying for find her and turn her into a dracolich. If the party will eliminate them, as they are searching on the slopes of the mountain to the west, they can come to an agreement. 

The party agrees and heads out of Fernourgiira's lair, descending the icy steps and back into the grasslands along the east of the Delimbyr River, searching for a barn that they could burn and blame the Cult of the Dragon in a plot to try and get Kriegar and the cultists into conflict. Their search reveals only a single structure as they take pains not to be spotted – a walled fortress and manor that they presume is Djorakholt, Vilhim Djorak's seat of power. Not willing to lay siege, the party regroups and proceeds back towards Greyholme, hoping to ambush a cart instead. The party finds a cart, but finds that unlike the last time they encountered a cart coming from Djorakholt, this one was guarded by a squad of Kriegar's men, perhaps as a response to their own actions in harassing the last cart that traveled to Greyholme. The party decided not to attack and proceed back to Greyholme.

In Greyholme, Dougoon conceals himself as he is too well-known while Cop and Artur head to Nendor's, with Cop using a magical disguise. They try and eavesdrop and plant some seeds of conversation but are frustrated by the guards who keep them back. Nendor tells them that magical disguises are not welcome in her shop if the intent is to deceive her, but if it is for other business she certainly understands. Cop purchases some ammunition and moves on back to the Braids.

At the inn, the two of them sit at a table next to the carters and the guards, trying to stir interest in their tale of being attacked on the road by strange cultists, but between the guards showing little interest and Cop and Artur bumbling their tale a bit, they are dismissed as tellers of tall tales and a little drunk.


Yes. I’m pretty sure our ruse to seed the idea of a threat from the cult of the dragon by acting as bumbling drunkards worked.

I hope this deal with Fernourgiira works out. I can feel the power within me growing but being in league with something like this…. I wish I had the book back. There is something I need to check. That name. Arrgh, what was it? I can’t remember all the deatils. Damn it, I should have made a copy of the book. It’s just that, no doubt if someone else learns the truth then, well they might end up like me… knowing too much, but not being able to remember it.

The Dragon Patron
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