The Valley

Dracoliches, Wolves and Mammoths - Oh my!

Continuing their exploration of the kobold lair under the crater, the party continues past the mortuary to a chamber dominated by a giant pool of bubbling mud which can only be crossed by a series of stepping stones. A lone kobold guards the room, but is quickly paralyzed by Aria's magic. The party scrambles quickly to cross with mixed success as Aria reveals the kobolds' trap as she bounds upon one of the stones rigged to sink into the mud and falls in, becoming severely burned. With a little help from Cronny, she frees herself, but not in time to keep the kobold from running from the chamber past another curtain. 

Certain that the kobolds have a trap set up beyond the curtain, the party quickly prepares, with Aria turning Strelk's badger friend into a wooly mammoth and charging through the curtain. The mammoth shrugs off the waiting kobolds' slings and spells and proceeds to smash them into the ground. The few survivors flee, with Cronny's pursuit being somewhat challenging as he runs into another waiting band of kobolds, but the party is successful overall.

The trail of the missing villagers leads to the north which leads to a Indiana Jones'-style rolling boulder trap triggered by a group of giggling kobolds. Strelk's quick thinking and creative spell casting quickly negate the threat as he creates a crater under the boulder, causing it to sink into the passageway, allowing the mammoth to charge forward into a nightmarish scene.

Upon an altar in the centre of the room lies Piotr, the captain of the missing village patrol. He moans in pain as some dark eldritch magic comes to fruition, transforming him into a crazed half-dragon/halfling monstrosity. He attacks with flaming shortswords as the party rushes in. Draconic statues spew forth arcane energies, kobolds flee, lightning rains down from the sky and flashing blades end the threat in the room. Cronny picks up a shiny and flaming sword from the wreckage and the party prepares to enter the last room.

The party bursts into the culmination of a ritual that brings the remnants of the dragon's whose lair this must have been to unlife. Despite the party's initial concerns, it is not a true draolich, but the head and two foreclaws of the beast. Still, a formidable foe as supported by the kobold priests who enacted the ritual. The party enters a pitched battle, with badger-mammoth inflicting grievous wounds but going down, Cronny causing treachery amidst the enemy ranks with his presence, Strelk wielding a variety of spells to cause harm and debilitating effects and Aria offering support and another polymorph, this time of Cronny who is able to deliver a mammoth and finishing stomp to the undead dragon skull.

The party prevails, loots the room with the key prizes being, in addition to the flame tongue shortsword, a ring of fire resistance (claimed by Aria) and cloak of protection (claimed by Strelk). 


I’ve discovered that casting ‘fly’ before a battle makes my jumps super-anime. Awesome stuff.


Imagine if I had still had that fly spell active when I got polymorphed into a mammoth…

ecclectik ecclectik

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