The Valley

Debts To Be Settled

Artur and Cop lead the surviving goblin army towards Hearthguardholt, stopping by Aldarbar on the way to speak with Finethir. The archmage will not allow the goblins to enter, but invites the party to dinner – again. Finethir provides them with 3 potions to bolster the defenses of the halfing village:

Potion, very rare
When you drink this potion, you are subject to the effects of a polymorph spell for up to 1 hour, needing no concentration. You are limited to beasts of up to CR 2 or your level if you have levels, whichever is higher. 

He also informs them that Phraan, Artur's father left a tome of his work and gives it to Artur:

Wondrous item, very rare
This tome contains the information and incantations necessary to make a Clockwork Companion. It takes 10 days and 5,000 gp of materials to create (less if parts are salvaged from existing clockwork creatures).

Finally, he informs the party that he has heard of an item that might allow spells to overcome the immunity that these clockwork creatures have to certain magical effects. Unfortunately, the Fork of Discordant Harmonies likely lies in the hoard of the green dragon Fenourgiira.

Leaving the next morning, the adventurers arrive at Hearthguardholt to find Cronny assuming the role of mayor in lieu of the grieving Brego. Gorse has been helping to smooth things over, while champing at the bit to exact revenge. Zittag, the hobgoblin leader is shown around the town to survey defensive possibilities and eventually a camp is established just north of the town.

Everyone spends a few days getting settled and scouting and defenses are established according to "General" Cronny's whims. With no indication of further violence coming from Kriegar, the party decides to report their adventures to Greyholme with a further journey to visit Fernougiira. 

On the road to Greyholme, however, they come across a horrific scene of a pack of two-headed dogs feasting on the remains of the people and draft animals of a cart. A pitched battle between the huntsman who was leading the pack and the hounds ensue. Just as the party manages to prevail, they spot the familiar figure of Drayven Keenfang, priest of Malar descending towards them on the back of a wyvern, calling out "Why won't you die!"


I like pretending to Mayor. It’s fun. People listen to me just as if I was a real Mayor.

Debts To Be Settled
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