The Valley

Death on the Road

Keenfang and his poison-tailed steed come sweeping in towards the party as they manage to kill the last of the death dogs. Coming to the party's rescue is Gorse who was somehow hiding in Artur's sister's fur. A desperate battle ensues, with their foes aerial advantage taken away by the wolf knocking the wyvern from the sky. Against the substantial odds and amidst falling bodies, the party manages to prevail against the two. Gorse and the wolf return back to Hearthguardholt while the party has a rest to recover from their wounds, but not before finding a magical saddle and suit of armour. 

The rest of the journey to Greyholme is uneventful and the party settle back in at Khinoe's Braids. Abdul greets them in his usual taciturn manner. The party do note two patrons of particular interest. Urjjet, the white dragonborn is there, as well as a drow male. As they are arranging accommodation, the drow invites the group over for a chat.

Introducing himself as Balok Callimar, the drow asks after their companion, Dougoon, saying that they share a history and are friends. After some friendly conversation, Balok reveals that he works for a concern that is seeking to resstablish the Dawn Pass Trail across the Anauroch desert to the Eastern Heartlands as the Underdark passages are too dangerous. He offers the party rewards for information and is particularly interested when they tell him about the menace posed by contructs in the area, as well as the missing Phraan, father to Artur and his sister.

Finishing their conversation with Balok, they are approached by Urjjet who seems desperate to locate Dougoon. She warns that Balok is not to be trusted and if he is not careful, Dougoon will be caught up with the affairs of his family again.

The next day, Artur and Cop report to Jhord Cragsmere and Khyrael Redshield. Jhord seems quite stressed and unable to cope with some of the tidings and goes away while Khyrael takes their report. They catch her up on the goings on in the Valley and promise to tell her of their plans once they have a chance to get everyone together for a chat.


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