The Valley

Starting outside Secomber

Our first session

For various reasons, the adventurers have been drawn to Secomber, the last bastion of civilization before heading east into the headwaters of the Delibmbyr River in the Greypeak Mountains. 

Most have been hired by Khyrael Redshield, a no-nonsense captain of the eponymous mercenary company, to guard a caravan of goods, crop farmers, ranchers and livestock from Secomber to Greyholme, the new settlement that is being established at the confluence of the Delimbyr and Logarann Rivers by House Cragsmere of Waterdeep. 

Stent Tallman (see below).

Dougoon was sought out by Khyrael after several mercenaries that she had already hired showed up to beaten up to be able to perform their duties. Tracing the story back, she discovered that a tavern bouncer of some notoriety was responsible and soon she had hired him.

Arthur Hornbow and his sister Aria have lived together in the nearby High Forest for some time now. An opportunity to resume their adventuring lives has brought them to Secomber along with their own personal reasons.

Trewin Copplestone hasn't revealed much about his motivations for joining the group, but his keen mind is clearly evident and active.

Once gathered, Stent was quickly put in charge of the guards due to his previous military experience. Khyrael told them that she needed to attend to other business in Greyholme and that she would meet the caravan in a tenday. They are briefly introduced to Jasper, caravan master, and perform a quick inspection of the carvan. 

"Captain" Tallman and Trewin take the lead and most things seem above the board, but Trewin notices a young halfling boy being secretive and hiding something underneath a wagon. Trewin investigates and discovers a boy's typical treasures and a worn, but serviceable dagger. Trewin is greeted by the boy's younger sister, Rose Stedman who inquires about his activities. Trewin discovers that the boy's name is Gorse and that they are meant to be minded by their older sister Lilly, but she may be off talking to boys. The family is off to take over a crop farm somewhere near Greyholme.

After two days of travel, with watches and patrols established, the adventurers discover that there is a group of goblin raiders approaching the camp. Negotiations quickly devolve and the goblins attack, but the party is able to drive them off, with only Artur being seriously wounded.


I find myself getting further and further away from home, but still unable to forget. However the business of survival always comes to the front and I found myself short of cash again, having drunk much of it and given the rest away, and out in the middle of nowhere there are few jobs that pay well. Luckily I found one escorting a caravan to deliver goods to a frontier town. They had found a good number of guards, but in the main part they were a bunch of mercenaries and amateurs.

As much as I hate it, my training came back to the fore and I found myself in charge – setting watches and trying to turn them into a semi-respectable guard detail. Respectable enough that when an ambush occured we were ready for it. We managed to see off a decent sized contingent of goblins and wargs. I suspect this was part of a larger tribal force, but hopefully we will move past them quickly enough.

Starting outside Secomber

The boat isn’t going any further up the river so I’m going to sign up with some settlers. They’re heading upstream to find a special valley. These Redshields have humour in small quantities and even less in brains, which makes it almost too easy to beat them in games of chance. I must remeber to not push my luck lest I rouse their suspicions. Their leader, Khyrael, is someone look out for. I followed her around Secomber for the afternoon just to see where she went and who she met. Nothing out of the ordinary but I think she may be gatherig information to the local judiciary, the so called Rods of Justice. I’m fairly certain that these Rods are part of the “script” though I have no proof—yet.

The farmers seem an earnest lot. I’ve learned that there may be ruins up the river where some good stone might be found, although over the years who knows what state it might be in. I’ll keep a look out though as if I can recover a good sized consignment my Father might look favourably on it.

Goblin raid last night.
Me and another half-elf, Artur, spotted em coming a mile away.
Set up a classic ambush and had them on the run in under a minute.
I think I managed to take down a good number myself by hiding in the scrub and picking them off. This crazy bastard Dougoon waded in and smashed em to mush. Never seen anything like it. Definitly keeping out of his way.
Poor Artur though was savagly mauled by the goblin’s Worg. I didn’t think he was going to make it to be honest. Captain Tallman wasn’t having any of it, such a hard liner. “Not on my watch! Pull yourself together!” He basicly wouldn’t allow Hornbow to die. Whatever he did worked though because Artur got back up, not quite good-as-new.
That damn halfling punk kid almost got himeslf killed. He must have balls of steel though, running into the battle like that, with just a dagger. I’ll be watching out for him to.

Starting outside Secomber
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