The Valley

Cougars and Wolves and Plotting, oh my!

The party returns to Greyholme with no difficulty. Stent immediately hides himself away in his room at The Braids with Finethir, locking the door and not allowing anyone to enter. Any entreaties aimed his way are met with incoherent and perhaps drunken muttering of "Never again" and "Go away."

The rest of the party catches Dougoon, who has recovered from his sunlight-induced migraines, up with their adventures and the increasingly complex situation in which they find themselves. Urjallet, a oddly black and grey complected dragonborn approaches Dougoon and asks about him. She asks if he is on the surface world on the business of Clan Whitestone. She is drawn to him based upon the tattoos and markings that are prominent on his skin. After the others go to bed, Dougoon is approached by Gwyneth Brokengulf who mentions that she would like to talk to the party about something important and arranges to meet with them for dinner the following night. 

Cop and Artur head to Nendor's Nick Nacks and meet Deed Nendor, a non-descript woman who runs a shop that has all manner of things for sale, seeming to specialise in goods that can only found in the Underdark, but has a wide selection of goods that seem too much for a relatively small settlement like Greyholme. They are told that the shop provides all the goods that are seen as well as 'special' items that can be procured for a price. Artur manages to purchase the herbs and other things he will need in order to bring Nor back from the dead. They also discover that the stock animals from the caravan they escorted have moved on, as well as the farmers and their families. 

Artur is able to procure the breastplate he ordered from Janessa Flameheart, paying the remaining coin that was owed and inviting the older dwarven woman to dinner as agreed. This leads to a dinner date between the two at The Braids where Artur gains some insight into the feelings and life of Janessa. She is middle-aged for a dwarf and has lived apart from her clan for quite some time. She is surprised that Artur actually responded to her advances and reveals a vulnerable side, as well as impressive muscles in her evening attire, which leads to some sort of connection between the two. They also report to Khyrael of their finding of the goblin encampment and make arrangements to gain aid in conducting a raid to finish the threat off once and for all. 

Dinner with Gwyneth is interesting in other ways. She hints at wanting Finethir in order to 'fix' the Wand of True Polymorph. She intimates that the wand is somewhat defective and the Noke claims that the only one who can repair it is Finethir. She wishes to make an exchange, Finethir for some 'interesting' items that the party may find useful. She demonstrates a great deal of knowledge about the party's goings on, particularly when it comes to their attack on the goblin encampment. She also hints that the party may run into the goblins sooner than they expect.

The next day, the party proceeds to the High Forest in order to resummon Nor. The ritual goes without incident, though the whole affair takes two days. Nor returns, smells an unfamiliar scent upon Artur, but their relationship is restored quickly enough.

Upon their return to Greyholme, they try to meet with Khyrael but are met with an unusual sight. There is a group of hobgoblins outside the great hall. The party is invited inside where they are invited to participate in a conference that is taking place between Gwyneth, Warlord Ghist of the goblins, and Jhord and Khyrael. Ghist has arrived with the body of a humanoid clockwork automaton and is claiming that the threat posed by these things is what is driving them to attack. He claims that his people are being hunted and captured by these constructs and that are having difficulty driving them away and are seeking an alliance. The party is asked to corroborate the warlord's story after the warlord is offered accommodation within the town.

The party is now faced with a choice. What do they decide to in regard to allying with the goblins and what do they do in regard to revealing Gwyneth's machinations, in light of her family's rivalry with Jhord's. Also, how drunk and paranoid has Stent become, and who wants to go into that room to view the unspeakable acts that have taken place…




Back in Greyholme, had something to eat when Dougoon surfaced. He doesn’t have much to report having been in his room most of the time since we left a few days back.
While we were catching up a familiar hood figure comes over revealing themselves to be a female Dragonborn called Urjallet. I’m not sure if she was deliberately forward or just ignorant of social boundaries but she seemed oddly fascinated by Dougoon’s tattoos. She asked him about Clan Whitestone, which I think is some kind of underdark group. Dougoon was affronted by her manner. “Nightwatch” he grunted and got up and left. Artur and I stayed up in the Braids for few hours drinking before calling it a night. It feels good to sleep in a proper bed again.

The next day Aartur and I did some shopping in town. Went to the Flamehearth to pick up his armour. The dwarven smith seems taken with Artur and he keeps leading her on. Whatever her motives, she sure made an excellent job of the Breastplate. A wolfs head embossed into it looks amazing. I went to the fletcher to restock my crossbow bolts and to an old guy who’ll take care of my bear-skin.
Had a brief catch up with Khyrael to fill her in about the Hobgoblin camp and our intentions to return and deal with them permanently.
Later we also went to a herbalist to get supplies for Artur to complete a ritual to bring Nor back. Deed the herbalist has a good selection of rare products and led us to believe that she can get hold of “anything we might need”. Have to keep friendly with her. She could be a good contact.

Time to have dinner and Dougoon has made a meeting with Gwyneth. She somehow knows all about our recent exploits and is very keen to get hold of the sheep Finethir so he can repair the wand. We told her that Captain Stent will need to be consulted on that matter and that he is indisposed at the moment. She is clearly up to no good but I can’t quite figure her out.

The next day we all headed out of town to the forest to allow Artur time to recover Nor that night and the day after that we returned to town to find quite a surprise.
The Hobgoblins have come to town and seem to be in league with Gwyneth. They need help to fight off clockwork warriors that are abducting their stock and clansmen. This is forcing them to have to prey on the Greyholme caravans. A seemingly reasonable explanation but why is Gwyneth involved and how is Noak tied into this?
Further conversations with Khyrael reveals that this might be nothing more than the machinations of rival noble houses from Waterdeep.

Thinking about these developments and rereading my “Mysterious Tome”, I think there is a lot more to this conspiracy. This clockwork threat will need follow-up at least. Hopefully more will become clear after that.


Stoopid sun, stoopid head. Well the lads are back. Quite liked it here while they were away, plenty to drink and eat and all free.

Some weird dragonborn, Urjallet, started asking private questions in a public place. I will keep an eye out for her and maybe we can have a little chat, in private.

Anyway, sounds like we about to go squash some goblins or hobgoblins same thing, don’t trust em only thing they’re good for is squashin . Good. Im getting bored, its goblin squshin time.

ecclectik ecclectik

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