The Valley

A Wand-ering we will go

As the party recovers from their battle at Aldarbar, a chastened Nor returns from his pursuit of Noke with shards of glass covering his entire body. Cop quickly ascertains that Nor was likely polymorphed into something tiny, trapped in a glass vial and left while Noke ran off. When the spell wore off, a painful regaining of size ensued.

Nor was able to communicate to the party the path that Noke had taken and after some discussion, they set off again with Finetheir the sheep in tow. Cop's familiar finally was able to stay focused on a task and spotted faint wisps of smoke off in the distance, giving the party a clue as to where Noke may have fled. 

Following Noke's tracks along the forest path led to the party discovering a point in which Noke crossed paths with a group of goblinoids and a mysterious humanoid, Cop's suspicions immediately leaning toward the cloaked figure from the caravan raids. Finding no signs of battle, the party pursued the group as the raven scouted ahead once more.

The raven reported back of the goblinoid encampment at the base of a waterfall. Around the camp were several treetop watchposts, both along the cliff face and down below. Steps leading from the cliff top led past a cave before reaching the main settlement. The only guarded structure was a large semi-permanent pavilion tent.

Sneaking up on the watchtowers and killing the guards went very well as Cop's sleep spell incapacitated several of the goblin watchers, allowing Stent and Artur to assault the surprised guards. However, the attempt to sneak past the bugbears in the cave did not go as well, as the ambush the party planned was cut short by their bait, Nor, being cut down. A pitched battle ensued in which the party managed to defeat the bugbears and their chief, with the timely aid of Artur's sister, but were wounded and spent.

The party decided to make haste back to Greyholme to report their findings.


Despite my doubts we continue on, pursuing the apprentice. It seems that he is in cahoots with a group of goblinoids I suspect may be the same ones we encountered at the caravan. However after testing the defenses it was pretty obvious we would not survive an assault on the encampment. Time to retreat back to the town and let the leaders of the town know where their enemies are camped.

A Wand-ering we will go

We trailed Noke through the woods and finally got to an encampment in an old hollow. There is a waterfall and hewn stone steps. I wonder if the men of old used to camp here or maybe this was the site of an ancient settlement. The camp was crawling with goblinoids. Didn’t see any sign of Noke. Maybe he was captured by them or maybe he’s in league with them. The operation looks like the same group that harried our journey out here from Secomber. Hmm, I wonder if Noke has polymorphed himself into a Gob to blend in.
Anyway we stealthily took care of the surrounding guards but unfortunatly Artur’s dog got killed. I was just starting to get used to it. After that Stent decided it best to not rush into the camp just yet. Probably a wise decision. I need to get more bolts for my crossbow anyway, the box is almost empty.

A Wand-ering we will go
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